Bulletproof Coffee: The latest trend and how to make it

Imagine yourself already being stressed out early in the morning with all the deadlines you have to meet for the rest of the day -- drop kids in school at 7 am sharp; nail that advertising pitch for a popular brand of shampoo; pick up the laundry at 10th Avenue; check the mailbox; pick up kids at 5 pm; cook dinner for in-laws. You sit down and wish to have all the energy, strength and brainpower to do and think things through. Worry no more! Bulletproof coffee is just what you need.

Bulletproof coffee or BPC is a high-calorie drink intended as a breakfast substitute and can even be a pre-workout drink because of the immediate energy and endurance it provides. It consists of organic coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter, and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil mixed in a blender. It is also sometimes referred to as Butter Coffee, Ketogenic Coffee, Keto diet coffee or Keto Coffee.

This cocktail is especially popular among people whose diet includes high-fat and low-carbohydrate consumption. Coffee with butter might not sound very appealing if you are figure conscious. But since BPC uses a specific kind of butter, it yields opposite effects. The linoleic acid from the “grass-fed” butter aids in weight loss and metabolism. Because BPC has a high amount of healthy, well-sourced saturated fats and caffeine combined, it helps energize both the brain and body allowing them to function effectively. Bulletproof coffee also improves mood because it increases the testosterone level.


Different variations are out in the market. But it is important that you understand how to make the basic recipe for a bulletproof coffee.

1. Brew 1 cup of well-sourced organic coffee [or espresso] preferably using a French press to preserve the coffee oil (and not be eliminated through a coffee filter with that of traditional coffee makers). But if you don’t have a French press, a coffee maker will work out just fine. Utilize what you have. Instant coffees are discouraged as they are too processed.

2. Get a blender. Any kind will do but a smaller one is desirable since a larger blender is more difficult to clean because of the oil.

3. Mix coffee with 1-2 tbsp of grass-fed, unsalted butter and 1-2 tbsp of MCT oil. Blend everything well for 30 seconds to emulsify the oil for better absorption.

*Be careful not to be tempted to add any kind of sweetener (maple syrup, honey or sugar) as it will trigger an insulin response. Bulletproof coffee promotes ketogenesis, a state wherein your body is forced to burn fats for energy in the absence of carbohydrates. If you must, use stevia instead because it does not affect the ketogenic state.

4. Serve and enjoy!


Since the boost of its popularity, all sorts of do-it-yourself videos circulated on the internet like crazy. Different recipes were made by enthusiasts to tweak your regular cup of BPC.

For bulletproof cocoa, you can add coconut milk and water (brought into a boil), vanilla extract and unsweetened cocoa powder to your grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Finish with a dash of cinnamon powder to complete your chocolate craving.

Tea lovers will certainly enjoy bulletproof chai or green tea. Brew 2-3 bags of organic tea then blend thoroughly with oil and butter until the desired frothiness or consistency is reached. Drink it hot or chill for a few hours then add cream or ice cubes.

Ice cream is a guilty pleasure loved by people of all ages. Start making yourself a guilt-free one by cooking butter and oil on low-medium heat. Add coffee and let stand for 5 minutes. Blend everything except the water or ice. Then add water or ice and blend until you have a yogurt-like consistency. Put the mixture in your ice cream maker. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture into a pre-chilled pan and put it in the freezer. Stir vigorously after 20 minutes then put it back in the freezer. Stir every 30 minutes until it reaches a smooth consistency.

All the recipes above are published in the article How to Make Bulletproof Coffee: 16 Amazing Recipes (using Keto MCT or Coconut oil). For the complete list of ingredients and their measurements and for more amazing BPC recipes, you can check out https://www.homegrounds.co/bulletproof-coffee-recipes/

While bulletproof coffee can provide loads of energy and can stimulate brain activity, it is still not advisable to be consumed routinely or on a daily basis especially if it is not taken with a ketogenic diet. It is low in essential nutrients and may raise your cholesterol levels if taken excessively. Since not all people respond the same way to a high-fat diet, the first thing one must consider especially if there is already an existing cholesterol concern is to slow down on
the oil intake.

All things considered, bulletproof coffee works best for people who are also practicing a ketogenic diet without elevated cholesterol problems. Keep an eye on your blood markers and have it checked regularly to determine raised cholesterol levels that could lead to certain heart diseases detrimental to your health. Consuming bulletproof coffee regularly without taking necessary precautions might do you more harm than good. Enjoy a cup or two and drink it responsibly.

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